The Seattle Leather Daddy and Daddy’s Boy Contest

The Seattle Leather Daddy and Daddy’s Boy Contest occurs during Columbus Day weekend each year. The contest weekend includes a Friday night Meet-n-Greet, the contest on Saturday night, and a Sunday Victory Party.

Judges for the contest are mostly local to the Seattle area, and include one drawn from the general membership of Seattle Men in Leather who is neither a member of the SML Board of Directors or a former Seattle Leather Daddy or Seattle Daddy’s Boy titleholder. In a special twist, the audience at the contest also receives one ballot for each title, enabling the community itself to have a direct say in who its representatives will be.

The Seattle Leather Daddy and Seattle Daddy’s Boy titleholders are expected to put on or participate in several club fundraisers during the year, and they are encouraged to do additional fundraising events of their own. The titleholders are not expected to compete at regional, national, or international contests, and they may not hold another leather title during their year.


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