Seattle Men in Leather  
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A Gay Men’s Social Group Promoting with Power and Pride, the Seattle Men’s Leather Community.

Founded in March 1989.

Equinox 2014

At the August 4th special meeting, the SML Board of Directors, at the suggestion of the Equinox Committee, took the difficult decision to cancel Equinox for 2014.  Early registration for the event was below expectations, and there were concerns that it would be difficult to keep Equinox from losing a lot of money.  Equinox is not a fund-raiser for the club.  The Board fully expected just to cover costs or even lose some money on Equinox, but the projected losses were too large to ignore.

Registration fees already paid will be refunded over the next week; members will be individually informed of any actions needed.

The Board wants to thank Chris Cooney, Rick Ruben, and the rest of the Equinox team for their efforts in putting together a full weekend’s worth of activities, including meals, cocktail parties, educational events, and lounging by the pool.  They did an amazing job navigating the hard choices of possibilities for Equinox and the realities of fixed resources.  It is volunteers like them who make SML work; without people like Chris, Rick and their team, the club would simply not exist.

In addition, the Board wants to acknowledge Steamworks for their generous sponsorship of Equinox.  The support of local companies makes our events and fundraisers far more successful.

Thank you,
Chris Kauffman
President, Seattle Men in Leather